The one where I learned to write on a chalk board.

A friend requested that I design her Welcome, Menu, and "Pick a Seat" chalk boards for my her wedding. I thought, "Piece-o-Cake!"  In reality, I learned that I didn't have a handle on this medium as well as I thought. When I lived in OK, I worked for a wedding dress shop. I used to design our chalk board for the store and got fairly decent at it (for a novice, that is). At the store I solely used Chalk-Pens. For this endeavor, I decided to venture into the unknown land of...chalk-chalk. Oy Vey. 

First - Let's all give our teachers a break for their horrible chalk-board-handwriting. Here's what I learned about chalk...

  1. Lesson 1 - Not all chalk is created equal. There are several blogs ( two) that offer decent guides on how to write on chalk boards. After reading them, I thought this would be easy with any chalk. Brrrrp. Buy the nice chalk. Cheap chalk will crumble, shed, and just make your life miserable - Specifically, purchase the Crayola brand. I had to order mine online from Staples. 
  2. Lesson 2 - "Invest" in a pencil sharpener. I purchased two (each about $5) and they made all the difference in getting that fine point. 
  3. Lesson 3 - Not all chalk boards are created equal. One of the framed boards I just gave up on and switched to "chalk pen." If the board feels more plastic, use the pen. I haven't experimented enough with the chalk paint to tell you which one works best for chalk-chalk or pen chalk. Good luck. 
  4. Lesson 4 - Plan ahead before you begin. What I mean is, make a quick thumbnail sketch of a few ideas and then flesh out the one you like best on a larger sheet of paper. I eventually did this and it made ALL the difference. (Holler to the 20th St Washateria for allowing me 45min of uninterrupted sketching! #LaundryDay) 
  5. Lesson 5 - Have a clear ruler on hand. 
  6. Lesson 6 - It's messy. PSA: Don't work with chalk while attempting other projects.  I have the most patient roommates..... (See below)
sorry roomies

Over all, I learned something new and feel like I have a better handle on the medium for the future. Success! Below are a few pics of the final result: