Christmas Gift Roundup: Calligrapher & Hand Lettering

Confession: We're already listening to Christmas music around here. Felt it was only appropriate to do a Calligrapher Christmas Gift Roundup. Here are some great gift ideas for that budding or experienced creative in your life. 

If you click on the pictures, a link should take you straight there. Starting from LEFT to RIGHT:

  1. TOTE: From Saint Signora
  2. MUG: From Etsy. 
  3. LEATHER NOTEBOOK: From Huckberry.
  4. OBLIQUE PEN: From Paper Ink Arts. 
  5. ARTIST'S KIT: From Saint Signora.
  6. CALENDAR: From Emily Jeffords. (She's one of my favorite Instagram/Snapchat accounts to follow as well.)
  8. MODERN CALLIGRAPHY BOOK: Great gift for beginners! Click on the pic for a link to amazon.
  9. TRINKET DISH: Anthropologie. I have the "A" and it's perfect for holding all those odds and ends on my desk.
  10. CAT TAPE DISPENSER: Because...Duh. BritCo.
  11. NIB HOLDER: This pretty is from  MP Oblique
  12. SLIDER WRITER: Husband got me this for my birthday. GAME CHANGER. Not a necessity when you first start (I recommend a light box to really get a knack for sizes of letter forms), but oh man...I lerve it. Loads of places sell this. The pic is from PaperInkArts. 

Floral Workshop | Houston | November 13, 2016 | West Studios

My sweet friend, Heather Hayes, from Everything Beautiful Floral in OKC, is coming down to Houston, November 13th to host a Floral Workshop at West Studios. We'll learn how to make floral crowns, eat amazing snacks, drink fall drinks, and have our head shots taken by the amazing Bethany Brewster (You might even get a custom Caroline Calligraphy name plate...ya never know.) 

Sign up here. Limited spots available. 



It's time to begin. 

One of my biggest fears in learning hand lettering and calligraphy was, "What if I stink? What if NO ONE LIKES ME? What is no one wants to be my friend at the end of this??" 

But one day - I woke up and just began working. It was messy (really...I tried to POUR ink into my automatic pen. Jesus take the wheel), but so rewarding. 

If you're into messy, handwritten desktop backgrounds. Here's one I made for myself. 

TODAY is a great time to begin. 


Calligraphy Tools I'm Loving Right Now

TOOL #1: 

I recently discovered the wonders of a carrot holder. It sounds similar to what your mind might imagine when I say, "Carrot pen."  I thought I'd take the plunge and get a custom one from AshBush Lettering & Design.  Hindsight: I wish I did something funky and not so safe in my color design, but the relief it has brought to my double jointed fingers is immeasurable. 

Photo via AshBush Instagram


You can purchase it here. I love the very thick and very thin lines it creates. It is also very flexible - so a wonderful change from my Nikko G and Zebra nib. 

Via Paper & Ink Arts

Via Paper & Ink Arts

TOOL #3: 

This baby dappen dish. I never knew how much I needed it until I had it. GET ONE. It holds the perfect ink amount without wasting half of your ink (like me for way too long...) The other plus is that it is glass and thus, really easy to clean. 

Via Paper & InkArts

Via Paper & InkArts